Advantages of Drinking Cocktails

A cocktail is a beverage that is made in two types; alcohol and alcohol free. There are of course many benefits of drinking alcohol free cocktails but you won’t believe it that there are some advantages of drinking alcohol mixed cocktails as well. Making cocktails now involve science and there are now many kinds of international challenges where bartenders from all around the world participate and the best one gets away with a lot of money and different recognitions as well. For some this has become an art because there are people who are so fond of cocktails that they hire a bartender at home and some even take classes for making different cocktails for themselves.

One of many advantages of drinking cocktail is that it is low on calorie. People say that alcohol makes you fat but alcohol cocktails have soda and soda is the only beverage which has really low fat. Let’s say that you want to drink vodka and soda, so vodka contains 96 calories in a 50ml glass and soda water has no calories at all. Which means that if you have vodka and you are in a jungle with nothing else to eat then you can survive on vodka. Even when a person is dieting and he/she has capacity of consuming 100 calories he/she can have a glass of vodka and stay healthy while being on a diet.

Now believe it or not, having cocktails will give you a kick of vitamin C. Imagine you have gotten yourself a cocktail that has fruits on the top and fruits have some of the best blend of taste and vitamins as well. Also, almost all cocktails have fruits and vegetables in them which are again good for health. You will have a laugh while reading this that there are many kinds of cocktails that can be good for health as well, meaning to say that they can be used as a medicine too. Like tonic water, it contains quinine which is bitter and its natural remedy helps in fighting malaria. If you have a soar throat and you cannot eat anything properly, then you must drink at least 2 spoons of rum mixed with honey and it will help you get better instantly. You can visit any bars offering the best cocktails in Dubai and hire any company of corporate event organisers in Dubai.

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