Best Milk Formulas for Babies

Having a baby is a blessing and taking care of that baby is a duty of each parent and the most important thing is to keep it warm and well fed at all times. That is why there are many brands for babies but the baby’s stomach is filled by mother’s breastmilk. It is recommended that every child should have at least 4 to 5 months of mother feed and this was also proved by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that if a child is not fed with mother feed, the kid when grows up faces a lot of problems like having early falling of teeth, not so strong gums, less in height and even some may have calcium deficiency in bones as well. But there are some situations when the baby cannot take the mother feed, one of many situations is that either the mother is on some serious and heavy medication that has different side effects. Because of this, the breast milk is contaminated and if the kid has it, he/she can face different stomach issues within days, then there are some babies who are allergic to breast milk from the day they were born. For such cases, formulated milk is introduced which gives equal amount of benefits as compared to the mother feed.

There are many kinds of such milk and the best one is the cow’s milk formula, this is treated on different levels to make the protein more easily digestible because the natural milk must be boiled for long hours to make it germ free. You can also select the soy formula, this is 100 percent vegan milk and this is mostly recommended by doctors to children who are allergic to cow’s milk. Even if your kid is not digesting this milk then there is specialized formula as well. These milks are recommended to children who have particular needs who to babies who are premature and they cannot be put to risk for trying out different milks. There are three types of formula milks; powdered milk, this is mixed with water. Second is the liquid concentrated milk that is also mixed in water and lastly, there are ready-to-feed bottles that don’t require any kind of mixing. There are many types of best evaporated milk brands and there are many kinds of dairy products suppliers.

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