Facts About Audi

Audi is one of the most luxury cars of Germany. It is the member of Volkswagen Group. its luxurious brand logo consists of four interwoven rings. It is one of the bestselling car brands as its designs are unique and modern 

Here are some cool and unknown facts about Audi that you didn’t know: 

  • Audi is an old German car that is more than 100 years to old. Audi is almost 110 years old as it was founded in 1910 but Audi service in Abu Dhabi and mini cooper service center can also be tracked back to 1885 due to different founding companies over the long period of time. 
  • You would be amazed to know that Audi was named by a child. August Horch decided to meet his closest friends for name suggestion. His closest friends were Paul and Franz Fikentscher. when they were having a meeting, Franz’s son was playing nearby. After listening to the conversation, he first hesitated and then finally took the courage and gave his suggestion that instead of ‘Horch’ they should name the company ‘Audi’. 
  • The four rings of the Audi have a meaning. It represents the four different companies that merged to formed to form Auto union. 
  • In 1921, Audi was the first company that released left hand drive. This was the first time this feature was introduced in any car which was later adapted as standard for all cars. 
  • During world war II, Audi manufacturing plants were used for protection as well as for the production of military hardware and thus was on the most common targets that were bombed.
  • Audi is not a separate company but is owned by Volkswagen. Before that Audi was owned by Daimler-Benz, the group which introduced Mercedes-Benz.
  • Audi is the first company that performed crash testing. And has even attained five stars for safety later. 
  • As its logo is quite similar to the Olympics’ logo. In 1955 Olympics sued Audi but Audi won the lawsuit. 
  • In 1949, Audi released a car and a van as it wasn’t focusing on luxurious cars. 
  • Mercedes and Audi are rivals for a long time and before world war II the rivalry was about speed and Mercedes won by 4/10 of a mile per hour. 
  • Shelly named car of Audi is a legendary car that made to the top of mountain when no driver was in it. 
  • Neckarsulm is one of the facilities of Audi that makes R8. It takes 5000 parts to make one R8and almost 20 cars are made in a day. 
  • Audi is one the German companies that used POW during world war II as slave labours and is responsible for the death of 4500 slave labours. 
  • Other than automobiles, over the period of time Audi has made radios, bicycles, printers. Also vests and leashes for pets. 
  • Audi has teamed up with scientists to made a rover that would race on moon.
  • In 1986, Audi was falsely accused of unintentional acceleration.
  • In Audi A6, instead of manual handbook, they installed digital handbook that could be viewed on screen.
  • Most of the Audi cars can be bought in few hundred thousand dollars. But the luxurious can be ranged up to million dollars for advanced modified models.
  • The most valuable Audi is Auto union type D. 
  • Audi Quattro is the first 4wd car that raced in world rally championship. 

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