Facts About Schools

School is the place where children go to study and there are teachers that teach the students. Schools are opening in bulk now. Schools have been closed due to the corona virus but now they are opened but now the students cannot sit beside each other and during lunch and play time they have to make sure that they maintain a safe distance.

Selecting a school for your kid is the most difficult job in the world. There are different reports annually that say that kids are getting depressed because of their schools and there are different reasons to that but that is a discussion for another top.

If you are a kind of parent that wants the best for your kid but you are a new parent and you don’t know how to select one then we suggest that you read the below post because here we have stated some facts that will help you in determining a good school based on these facts;

Phumachangtang, Tibet: this is a school that is said to be the highest school in the world. Meaning to say that it is on a mountain in Tibet and it is 5,373 above sea levels which means that it is 200 meters higher than the base camp and it is in mount Qomolangma.

The oldest school in the world: if you want your kid to study in the best school in the world then we think the old school or you can say the oldest schools are the best because they will have deep knowledge of everything almost. And in there is a school in England named as Canterbury school and it was founded in 597 A.D. and it is said to be the oldest school in the world.

Recycled Schools: recycling has become very important for our world for saving the world climate globally and there is a school in Philippines that is made totally out of recycled pop bottles. And it is made out of 9000 bottles. Over here, see more about schools.

Nursery in Barsha: there is a nursery in Barsha that is said to be the best in the world.

Largest School: the largest school in the world is in Lucknow in India. there are over 32,000 students and there are 1,000 classrooms and 3,700 computers.

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