Facts about smoking

Smoking is injurious to health while knowing this fact, some of us still opt towards smoking to find peace in our minds and our lives. The cigarette is one such product that makes it capable of sale out more than any other product in the market but it can never surpass the production and sale out of water and production cost of it as well. You can buy different e liquid flavors.

However, smoking is considered one of the best things in the world among youngsters, teenagers, adults, and aged people that may want to give themselves something they are happy with. You can buy salt NIC juice in Dubai.

In many countries, people start smoking because of addiction purposes, therefore, in many countries, they do it as a sport or because they get inspiration from someone they like, they adore, and they love to be with.

Hence I am here to tell you about some life-changing facts about smoking which can either make you start smoking or quit smoking as it may educate you both the aspects of smoking and cigarettes.

The facts that can make you capable of this education are as below, make sure you study them with optimistic nature as it may acquire you to educate yourself with some known facts and not rumors. These facts are:

  1. The first fact is based on consensus taken out in America, and that is the people of America (as long as we can count it – it is 16 million in counting) are addicted to smoking and have a disease caused because of smoking.
  2. Smoking can make you vulnerable to many diseases and can break your immune system to work as it does before, the diseases contain cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, eye diseases, diabetes, and many more.
  3. Smoking is more common in males than in females all around the world, however, it causes erectile dysfunction in males that can cause them to lose their fertility system.
  4. Although smoking is still what people cannot get rid of (those who are having addiction) – the deaths due to smoking rise to a tally of more than 7 million per year all over the world.
  5. If we talk about average deaths caused due to smoking, the people who are addicted to it die 10 years earlier than those who do not smoke.
  6. There are almost thousands of people all around the world that start smoking every day, on average – there are 2000 youngsters who start smoking every day.

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