Types of augmented reality

The world is becoming a global village and that is due to the factor that we are coming closer because of social media and the information media that is working harder than we expected to make sure we do not sleep without knowing what is happening on the other side of the world. You can get apps of augmented reality in Dubai.

Technological advancements are helping us to see many factors as they correlate with the information media that help us to see what is going on in the world of technology and with the science coming together with technology, we can see that we are entering in the world where our next stop is in space and not in this world. Get the best virtual reality technology apps here.

Many realities come and go but, three realities are going to stay for many years and maybe they have been with us for centuries, who knows? These three are – real-world reality, virtual world reality, and augmented world reality.

Although people mix up the concepts of both the virtual world and augmented world reality but little do they know is that they both are far from similar to each other.

However, the world of augmented reality coexists with the real-world as it helps us with many applications that we cannot solve in the real-world engine because they are complex to handle.

That is why we have augmented reality with us that help us solve the complexity of the issue that we are facing as well as to make sure we find an efficient solution to the problem we are facing.

As virtual reality has many types, augmented reality has some too, and some of these types of augmented reality are:

  1. The first type is Marker-based AR – in this type, the user is capable of getting more information about the object with the help of image recognition software as it comes with it, therefore, with the help of augmented reality, the objects become clearer after it focuses on its origin and helps us to see what is unseen to the eyes.
  2. The second type is Marker-less AR – in this type, the user becomes capable of detecting the location and also vows to make the user capable of discovering many new places that are surrounding their current location.
  3. The third type is Projection-based AR – in this type, the user can project the light onto an object using the concepts of augmented reality to study in-depth and help to make a virtual-object out of it.

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