What do you know about suits?

Men love to wear suits and women find dapper guys hotter but do you know the history and interesting facts about suits? If No, then scroll down and find here some of the interesting history and facts about them.

  1. Beau Brummell invented the suits because he hated what men wore in courts. Therefore, the student of English College Eton stitched clothes himself and gave them to wear to look more sophisticated and formal. 
  2. The trend suits were originated or cam in the Victorian Era. At that time, the suit consisted of three wears: vest, trousers and waistcoat. 
  3. There is a cut in the centre of the coat or two cuts at the corners at the backside of the coat. These cuts are called vents. There were no vents when the suit was invented. It was later added when people found their coats hang on the tail of horses. People used to own horses in that time. 
  4. People used handkerchiefs in the 14th century to wipe their hands and blow noses. They also used it to surrender themselves when they did not have a white flag. People used white handkerchiefs at that time. They kept them in their breast pockets. After some time modern tissues were invented and handkerchiefs started to use as an accessory in suits, then.
  5. Word “suit” is originated from the French word “suite” which means following. The meaning does not make sense when you read it first but it is considered as “following” a trend when people wore a suit in the 19th century. 
  6. Majority of the people and dapper lovers wear a necktie. The necktie was invented in Croatia. It was known as Cravats at that time. 
  7. People who collect neckties are called GRABOLOGIST.
  8. Nowadays, there is a concept of “Casual Fridays” in offices. The concept came from Japan’s “Zentai” that allows people to rebel against modern trends and tradition to wear suits in offices and wear a one-piece suit. 
  9. Colonial tailors have a great and vast history. They were British tailors who came to America and claimed the land. People followed them and came to the New World. They came to America because to earn more money. 
  10.  According to one of the survey, 64 per cent of men do not own a single suit.

So, these are historical facts about tailored-suits. Today we have bespoke tailors in Dubai, US and other parts of the world who use numerous tools to stitch clothes but at that time they have to depend on needle, fabric, thread and their hands to stitch them. So, appreciate the efforts of your tailor and make them feel happy.

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