Different types of treatment for alleviating pain

Pain is associated with multiple conditions and it is usually of two main types that is chronic pain and acute pain. Chronic pain means that the patient is suffering from a specific pain since a very long time. On the other hand acute pain means that the pain has suddenly started due to some reason like injury and that pain is usually short lived. However both type of pains are not desirable and the patient require quick treatment in order to get relieved.

There are multiple causes behind any pain like it could be due to any injury or surgery. On the other hand different health conditions like osteoarthritis, migraine, cervical and spine complications are also responsible for generating severe pain. In this article we will discuss some of the different types of treatments which are quite beneficial in alleviating pain in such patients


This is one of the most effective treatment to alleviate pain and it belongs to Chinese traditional treatment. In this type of therapy, extremely thin needles are injected at specific body parts as according to the area of pain. By this technique flow of energy is restored in blood which ultimately helps in pain reduction. Most of the people don’t prefer this technique as they think that this type of treatment is quite painful. But this myth is totally wrong in fact acupuncture is considered to be the most effective drug free treatment to reduce pain. For this purpose Dubai acupuncture clinics are the best choice, if you are truly willing to start this treatment.

Pain killers

Using painkillers is the most commonly practiced treatment for alleviating pain but this practice could be quite harmful. This is because such type of medications are not beneficial for the treatment, they just eliminate pain from the body for a specific time duration. On the other hand if the patient makes a habit of taking painkillers frequently then it can also lead to drug dependence. But they are an ideal option for treating acute pains and discomfort.


This is another type of treatment which is quite beneficial in alleviating pain. It is a non-invasive procedure which involves different exercises as according to the condition of the patient. So if you are having any complain regarding joint pain, neck strain or mobility issues then you must consult a well qualified physiotherapist in Dubai to start your treatment as soon as possible.

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