Facts About Psychologists

If you are becoming a psychologist or you are thinking to hire a psychologist, then this is the article that you need to read because, here, we will be telling you about some interesting facts about psychologists. And one of many facts is that some people think that psychologists are just good players of words but the fact is that many of them use scientific methods to tackle with a human being and its brain. Even though human brain is just 13 percent discovered and the rest is still to be explored but the psychologists know how to get into a person’s head and heal what is broken.

There many kinds of psychologists who have to use mentalism on the brain but the fact is that any regular person who unlocks this skill cannot practice it openly. Because a mentalist can make a person also commit horrible crimes without, he/she even knowing it and that is why all mentalists are registered with the govt and the police so that they don’t practice it for bad things. There are psychologists who often play with your mind, these psychologists are usually working with the crime department to get the confession out the mouth of the criminals. There are psychologists who can even control your dream and the fact about dreams are that we forget 90 percent of them when we wake up. You can get couples counselling in Dubai and you can hire a German psychiatrist in Dubai.

There was once a person who happened to be a drug dealer but to stay hidden, he pretended to be a psychologist and actually had customers coming in the clinic that he had. He used to prescribe people with medicines which made them feel nice and light and he had his own people coming in for drugs. He did this because, he was a good talker and a perfect listener and he continued doing this for many years until he was caught. He was caught when he was unknowingly treating a cop. The cop then realized that he was given a prescription that wasn’t needed and then he started his investigation and finally he caught the culprit. But still he had many people visiting in the jail and people got counselling from him, he also treated his cell mates and he got his jail time shortened.

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