How to Become a Dentist

If you are looking for a job that is highly paid and that is very respectful as well, then you should become a dentist. According to the study conducted by global career development, a freshly graduate dentist earns more than 50,000 AED per year and a pro dentist earns more than 150,000 AED per year. And above all that, we all know that the tooth pain is severely painful and when a dentist fixes all thing up and that pain is gone, you will have a huge praising from the patients. The second biggest problem is tooth alignment, don’t have much confidence, because they think that if they will smile or laugh, people will laugh at them because of their teeth. And imagine, you fixing the teeth and bringing back their confidence, it will be a huge relief and a satisfying level for you. So, you see how being a dentist is a respectful job and a highly paid job as well. And if you want to become one but don’t know where to start, then you are reading the right article because here we will tell you about the ways of becoming one. You will the best clinic of dentist in Jumeirah Park Dubai.

First and the very important step is that when you ae about to finish your school, you have to get medical subject and when you start high school or college, still you have to keep yours study track in medical. And as soon as you pass this level, you have to get admission in a university and you have to select the courses of doctor of dental surgery (DDS) or you can select doctor of medicine of dentistry (DMD). Both of the courses will make you a practicing dentist and both of these courses will have the same courses. It’s just that some universities introduce it with DDS and some have it with the name of DMD. You will find the best dental clinic in Arabian ranches.

But always be sure to choose a university that is affiliated with ADA, also known as The American Dental Association and it must also have the affiliation of CODA also known as Commission on Dental Accreditation. When you are done with university, now you need to apply for the license which allow you to open a clinic and for that you need to pass the clinical exam.

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