Benefits of the Grenada citizenship by investment program

If you want to spend quality life then you should move to country which has better opportunity for its persons and you can also get citizenship of that country. There are many countries which are offering options of citizenship and they provide facilities to their citizens. So you can move to Canada, UK, USA and Grenada. Recently, Grenada has started its program of Grenada citizenship by investment Dubai. You can also get permanent residency in Canada. So you can also find Canada immigration agents in Dubai. But if you want simple procedures and you want to get your citizenship in less time then you must go for Grenada. So in this article we have added few benefits of getting citizenship in Grenada.

Fast application process:

The application process for Grenada is simple and fast as compared to other countries. But you will have to invest in its real estate business and then you will get its citizenship quickly and your application will be approved within 60 days.

No requirement of residency:

Usually, it is the law of countries that you will have to live in that country to get citizenship for specific tenure but Grenada has given the facility that you will not have to live in Grenada to get its citizenship. And there are no strict requirements to get its citizenship.

Recognized dual citizenship:

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship so you will be considered as citizen of your home country and as well as citizen of Grenada. Even they will also maintain privacy of your citizenship and they will not inform to your home country about your citizenship.

Cost effective investment:

One of the biggest advantage of its citizenship is that you will have to invest in its real estate business. Although, you will have to invest but in return you will get high amount of profit. And the value of land also increases by time.

Visa free entry:

It will also give you advantage that if you will get Grenada passport then you will be able to travel in almost 131 countries without having visa.

Family citizenship:

If you want to move to any other country with your family then Grenada is best option for you as its laws have made it easy to move with family there. And the best part is that the amount for investment will remain same.

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