Things you need to know about the Quebec skilled worker program

If you want to move to Canada then you have made right choice for you because its laws are easy and there are several opportunities. And if you have children then it will be best country for you because it has best education system in the world. If you want to know about the visa procedure for Canada then you can also get information from the Canada immigration website. You will be amazed to know that there is another visa program of Canada which is also known as Quebec skilled worker program. You can also search on internet by entering the keyword immigration to Quebec, Canada. If you want to apply for Quebec skilled worker program then you should read this article because here we have provided you complete guide.


If you want to settle down in Canada then there is another program to apply for this province. The evaluation criteria depends on the points and there are some specific requirements for this visa. So basically this system consists of points system and visa will be granted to the one who gets more points. The applicants must get at least 60 points to get this visa if he is single. If he is applying for his spouse then he must get 89 points to get this visa.

Selection factors:

There are some specific selection factors for this type of immigrant program. Some of the selection factors have been given below.

  • There are separate points for education and job experience.
  • If the person has some specialty then he will get additional points.
  • The applicant will get extra points if he has job offer from any Canadian company.
  • Full points are awarded to the person if the person has more than 4 years of work experience.
  • Although, the persons of any age group can apply for this type of visa program but full points are awarded if the person’s age is between 18-35 years.
  • French is the official language of Quebec so the person who can speak French are awarded 16 points.
  • If the applicant has any previous living record in Canada then either his purpose was job or study he will get visa easily.
  • The spouse education also matters a lot and the applicant will be awarded extra points on the basis of education and job experience.
  • If the children are under 12 year of age then he is awarded up to 4 points.